Lyme disease awareness event on Sept. 6


To the Editor:

The problem with ticks and the diseases they carry are growing worldwide. It is time that health care professionals and the public have current, up-to-date evidence based on scientific information on this growing threat.

On September 6 at the Pictou County Wellness Center located on Westville Road, New Glasgow, there will be a free session from 4:30 to 6 p.m. for professionals in the health care sector and from 7 to 9 p.m. there will be a free public session. I encourage all who would like more information to mark this on their calendar and plan to attend.

Presenters include Dr. Marty Ross from Austin, Texas and Dr. Richard Dubocq from Belfast, Maine who work treating patients with Lyme and co-infections. Dr. Vett Lloyd from Sackville, NB. who is a professor/researcher will speak and Jim Wilson from BC of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation ( will be available to answer questions.

This is a patient driven event by two women in Pictou County with firsthand experience with this devastating disease.

For questions and more information you can contact Amy Haynes-Desjardins at 902-759-1628 or, Jennifer Maclean at 902 301-9227

You can also contact them if you would like to be included in a list of those currently suffering with a tick borne disease or have in the past.

It is past time to be informed.

There is another awareness event in the works to be held in Bridgewater in November.

Education is KEY!

Brenda Sterling-Goodwin

New Glasgow