Water crisis not as bad as it could have been



(Inspired by events on August 19 and Bob Naylor’s affinity for submissions to the Advocate)

Our dear town had no water,

For less than 24 hours,

And the way the town’s people came together,

Was so incredibly sour.

It’s 2019, and we’re enduring climate change,

It’s time for people to adapt, innovate and cooperate,

If we don’t,

A dead town is Pictou’s fate.

We’re lucky to have access,

To running water and amenities,

After all, there are communities here in Canada without,

Imagine THEIR obscenities!

Imagine having to walk for miles,

To fetch and carry water in a pail,

To then light a fire to boil it…

Does our (less than) 24 hours without water STILL seem like such a fail?

Imagine if people channelled their anger,

Into positive, meaningful action,

And instead of posting insulting comments,

Solutions were their reactions!

What a town Pictou would be,

If we had some more empathy,

If we had more opportunities,

To be reminded of our luxuries.

We come together to fundraise,

And help out those in need,

But when there’s a slip-up or miscommunication,

On the flaws, people so quickly feed.

So I ask you this, Pictonians,

How will YOU make things better?

How will you prepare for future, unplanned outages,

Of electricity, water and/or other?

What will you do,

To ensure others have access to this basic human right?

Now that YOUR water’s flowing again,

Doesn’t mean that there’s not still a fight!

Write to your politicians about access to water.

Use Google and Facebook to reach out to learn more.

With the inconvenience and perspective so fresh for Pictonians,

Is that too much to ask for?

Thank you to the Town of Pictou employees, for working to better the Town’s unpredictable infrastructure.

Melinda MacKenzie