Town offers bump out to solve parking issue

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STELLARTON — A bump out has been installed beside a fire hydrant to keep motorists from parking near or in front of it.

Coun. Bryan Knight and town clerk Susan Higdon took time to sit down and explain why the town has decided to try the bump out option beside the fire hydrant on Foord Street. The hydrant is in front of Sam’s restaurant and across the street from town hall.

They described the need to slow down traffic and make the main street safer and more attractive for pedestrians.

Knight recalled a year ago when he attended a provincial planning advisory committee meeting and the topic came up about how streets once served as neighbourhoods and the need to return to that.

Higdon said the bump out was among ideas that emerged from a meeting in January that recreation co-ordinator Paul Corbin and planner Rachael McLean could apply.

“It’s a pilot project just to test it,” Higdon said, referring to the bump out. “There were issues regarding parking in front of the hydrant. It’s already slowing down traffic.”

The bump out is the size of a parking spot and features two facing glider benches and an assortment of flower arrangements.

Huge, solid flower pots on the street side would damage any motor vehicle colliding with them.

Knight said the town is considering installing pedestrian lights at cross walks near the A&W on North Foord Street and the post office downtown, as well as a three-way stop at Jubilee Avenue.

Lining parking spaces on Foord Street is another option, he said.

The bump out is not permanent. It will be removed in the fall and its merits will be evaluated.

From left: Coun. Bryan Knight and town clerk Susan Higdon enjoy the glider benches located on a bump out along Foord Street in Stellarton. (Goodwin photo)