Volunteers needed for Viola’s Place Homeless Shelter


To the Editor:

Giving shelter, food, clothing — the basics — to those who find themselves with insecure housing; this is one of the kindest acts a community can offer.

Since Oct. 2018, Viola’s Place Society Homeless Shelter has opened its doors to those in need. The shelter is much busier than anyone anticipated, often having to turn guests away. The shelter accommodates eight guests a night. To date we have had over 1,600 bed nights used. We often have to turn people away as we are full; six turn aways this month alone and counting. Shocking numbers.

We run off volunteers to keep our doors open and we currently are in need of more volunteers.

The rewards far outweigh the donation of your time. Our guests are special and all have gifts in their own way. Sometimes they just need assistance to find their path; others simply find themselves in need of lodging for a night or two. Kindness, not judgment.

To the reader: If you can donate an evening or an overnight, we can use you. We will accept whatever time you can give.

It takes a village to run a shelter and the community support has been overwhelming.

We are asking for a donation of your time. Everyone deserves a safe bed to sleep in and food to eat.

Consider volunteering; you can reach us via email violasplacemanager@gmail.com, the shelter phone 902-752-0550 or message us on facebook; Viola’s Place Homeless Shelter. A volunteer recruitment is planned at the shelter Saturday, Sept. 7, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and Sept. 14, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Tammy MacLaren


Viola’s Place Board