Panel salutes Women Alike ABreastARiver

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A crew from MacGregors Industrial Group sets the panel in place. (Goodwin photo)

NEW GLASGOW — It was a magical time on Thursday as members of a team completed a project by installing a commemorative plaque in tribute to the 20th anniversary of Women Alike AbreastARiver.

MacGregors Industrial Group employees placed and secured the plaque that features messages and photos on the panel and frame at Rotary Park.

Its background is part of the East River where the Race on the River’s dragon boat races are contested each year.

“We’re very honoured and humbled by it,” said Barb Davis, one of the Women Alike members who attended the event.

The group was thankful to the Rotary Club of New Glasgow for allowing space for the project; photography was supplied by Bob MacEachern, Vision Fire and Raven Media, while design input came from ACG Studio.

MacGregors and Advocate Signs and Banners combined their efforts, while installation was by Nova Helical Piles.

Sean and Crystal Murray financed what wasn’t already donated.

“It does feel great to have this,” said Alex Lochead from Signs and Banners, “I think it’s awesome.”

Aimee Kelly, Advocate’s community representative for sales and marketing, led the project with help from ACG’s Jamie Playfair and Barb Raymont.

Kelly said she realized last October that Women Alike AbreastARiver’s 20th anniversary was approaching and felt the need to appropriately recognize it.

She praised MacGregors for designing and fabricating the frame and silhouetted lettering.

“Jamie (Playfair) provided them with the idea and they ran with it,” she said. “Nobody’s getting paid, and all these guys were gracious enough to give their time.”

MacGregors’ vice-president of sales and marketing Nick MacGregor said he appreciates how the panel will provide Women Alike and the Race on the River with exposure throughout the year, besides the race weekend.

“Aimee approached us a month ago to get involved,” he said, “It’s a great partnership between MacGregors and Advocate.”

Georgina MacLean gets a closer view of the Women Alike ABreastARiver commemorative panel unveiled last week at Rotary Park in New Glasgow. (Goodwin photo)

A crew from MacGregors Industrial Group sets the panel in place.
(Goodwin photo)