Townsend columns send reader on trip down Memory Lane


To the Editor:

I just recently started reading the Pictou Advocate! At 80 years young, I got the courage to see what a computer is all about.

Read two articles by Hugh Townsend — one about the tearing down of the New Glasgow Stadium and just now the article about a dinner with his friend. I remember that Hugh was a sports writer but my, what a talent he has to describe — just like I was there listening to him.

I spent many hours skating at the stadium, usually went by myself as my friends were not into it. As a matter of fact, guys cleaning the ice affectionately called me a rink rat I was there so often!

When I came to California in 1961 the first thing I looked for was an ice skating rink. Found one in Pasadena.

I was the centre of attention as I skated on racing skates … Ahh, was I good! People stood watching me. My greatest joy was being able to skate in shorts.

Back to the stadium — my grandmother would not allow me to skate on school nights; every Tuesday night she went to the card party. After she left I would sometimes ask my grandfather, who was reading the evening news at the kitchen table (never missed a night) if I could go skating; sometimes he would get up go upstairs and I would hear him opening a trunk where he kept money and, oh joy. I knew I was going skating! Then he would say ‘you have to be home before your grandmother!”

I always was, and tucked in bed.

Years later, I was remembering I always put my skates in the kitchen after I went skating so the blades would dry. So she must have seen them but never said a word to me.

I have shared those memories with my grandchildren. Instead of reading books at bedtime I told them stories of my childhood; they had their favourite ones — especially winter ones. I am fortunate my husband (who was from Oklahoma) always took his vacation to Nova Scotia so our children are close to their Canadian relatives.

Well, Dear Hugh, you have given me a trip down Memory Lane. Keep using your great writing talent!

Mabel (Mackenzie)Sisemore