Social seniors share meal

Community Election

Elizabeth Paris had elders of the community come together to share a meal last week and help boost socialization in seniors as well as giving them a chance to share stories from the past.

“Emphasis on it is the seniors coming together and connecting,” said Paris.

Although the original plan was to have something for the seniors during homecoming celebrations for New Glasgow’s Ward 1 earlier this year, Paris decided to have a meal at Swiss Chalet and bring together the elders of the community to talk and get out of the neighbourhood and into the community.

“I want my grandchildren to know how connected they should be,” Paris added about what the socialization and gathering of elders in the community says to the younger generations. “It’s elders that showed us the pathway.”

The meal that was enjoyed was held at Swiss Chalet in New Glasgow and was free for the elders to attend to help make it more accessible to them. During the dinner, New Glasgow town councillor and resident of Ward 1 Jocelyn Dorrington spoke about Ubuntu, which is roughly translated into “because of you I am” Dorrington shared that this is a way for people to express that it is their elders that helped them become who they are and pay respects to them.

“How can we support them, what contributions have they made,” she said. Dorrington also wanted to emphasize the importance of being an elder in the African Nova Scotian community. She added that she was honoured to be asked to come and speak to the people who helped shape the community.

Marilyn Clements was one of the elders to attend the dinner after her son had told her about the event.

“I think it’s very nice, us old fellas don’t get out very much,” she smiled.