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EMO urges safety

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The Emergency Management Office is urging Nova Scotians to stay off roads and stay away from downed power lines so crews can safely remove trees and debris and restore lines

As of 9 a.m. Sunday, approximately 378,000 Nova Scotia Power customers are without power. Crews are now working in the southwest area of the province where weather conditions have improved.

EMO advises:

Nova Scotians are asked to call 211 to find the nearest comfort centre

When the power is out, food in fridges and freezers can become a health risk. Flood water can also impact food safety. To ensure your food and water are safe check out for information

Nova Scotians who are getting their drinking water from untreated, non-municipal water sources, such as directly from lakes, rivers and streams, should boil their water for one minute before consumption. Consuming this water is not recommended under normal circumstances

Well pumps in homes that are flooded can cause electrocution

Generators, BBQs and charcoal grills should never be used indoors or inside garages, even if the doors or windows are open as they cause carbon monoxide poisoning

Do not leave candles unattended

Nova Scotians are asked to check on their neighbours to ensure they have what they need to remain safe