Nova Scotia Power update on hurricane Dorian

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HALIFAX – According to Nova Scotia Power, across Nova Scotia, the damage caused by hurricane Dorian has been severe.

Nova Scotia Power crews have been assessing the extent of the damage and are now working to restore power all across the province. Restoration times are being updated this morning, as crews begin making repairs in order to safely restore power to our customers as efficiently as possible.

“We’re getting first eyes on damage, and there is a lot of work ahead of us,” said Karen Hutt, president and CEO, Nova Scotia Power. “At this time, we are putting broad restoration times in place and, importantly, as our damage assessment teams are able assess work requirements and our power line technicians progress with restorations, repair times will be updated. As the day unfolds, we will have a better picture of the damage Dorian has caused. At this time, we expect the full restoration effort to extend over the course of this week. We are safely working as quickly as we can with the largest mobilization of personnel in the history of Nova Scotia Power.”

The storm has resulted in flooding, uprooted trees, broken poles and downed power lines across our province, and Nova Scotia Power continues to work closely with the Emergency Management Office. At the peak of the storm, over 400,000 NSP customers were without power.

In addition to more than 1,000 personnel pre-staged in communities across the province before the storm, Nova Scotia Power continues to secure additional crews and storm support. This morning, with the use of four helicopters, Nova Scotia Power has already begun to survey damages to the transmission system first and then distribution lines.

“Given the extended duration of winds higher than 90 km/h, our crews were stood down for most of yesterday and in some cases, until early this morning,” Hutt said. “As soon it was safe to do so overnight, our crews got to work. We now are prioritizing work to address public safety and critical infrastructure, but we won’t stop working until every customer has their power back.”

Nova Scotia Power restores power in phases to ensure critical services like hospitals can stay open before beginning work in other areas. Larger outages on transmission lines and in substations are restored ahead of smaller outages to restore electricity to the greatest number of customers. The phases are as follows:

• Phase 1 – Restoration of public safety issues and emergency situations
• Phase 2 – Restoration of NS Power critical infrastructure such as transmission lines and substations
• Phase 3 – Restoration of Emergency Management Office (EMO) critical infrastructure such as hospitals, shelters, and essential provincial and municipal services
• Phase 4 – Restoration of main electrical feeders servicing communities and neighbourhoods
• Phase 5 – Restoration of branch power lines servicing individual streets
• Phase 6 – Restoration of individual homes and businesses

A reminder to customers to treat all downed wires as live. Stay away from downed electrical equipment and report to 1-877-428-6004. If you are concerned about an immediate public or personal safety risk, call 911.
Customers can report outages and receive estimated times of restoration (ETRs) via Nova Scotia Power’s outage map at or call by calling 1-877-428-6004.