Consider vegan options at ribfests


To the Editor:

Re: Ribfest Makes it to Pictou County

When compassionate, empathetic, caring people put those values on the shelf, it’s a sad thing. The wonderful charities involved in this Ribfest Event exude these traits and make their communities better. To overlook the needless suffering and early deaths of the nonhuman animals served up on plates is in sharp contrast to these values.

If what is done to these pigs were done to our beloved dogs and cats, there would be outrage everywhere. Anyone who has had contact with a companion animal pig knows that they are an extremely intelligent being, who’ve been shown to learn faster than some primates. But it isn’t their intelligence that is the key thing to understand here, it’s their ability to suffer. And their desire to continue to live. The ribs, the pig body parts being served up at events like Ribfest are symbols of cognitive dissonance. Google that term. When people call themselves animal lovers and ignore the suffering involved in producing these animal ‘products’ none of us need, it belies the meaning of the word love. There is no love in killing someone who does not wish to die. Nonhuman animals are indeed someones, just as you and I are.

Please go for the corn dogs or beans next time if you go to Ribfest. And to any vegan food vendors reading this — the popularity of vegan food is skyrocketing. I saw a few years ago, a ribfest in London, Ontario had lines at the vegan booths many times longer than the lines at the dead animal food booths. People, please put your money and your values where you mouth is.

Ty Savoy

New Glasgow