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Lights out in Stellarton – again

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STELLARTON – It’s like déjà vu all over again.

The light standard at the corner of Foord Street and Acadia Avenue has been taken down again – victim of an 18-wheeler truck that failed to make the right-hand turn onto Acadia.

The incident happened earlier this morning (Sept. 11) around 7 a.m..

It has only been a matter of months since those lights were replaced, after having been previously taken down by another truck.

This morning, Mayor Danny MacGillivray said the issue will be brought up at the town’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Sept. 23rd.

After the last incident just several months ago, the town blocked off the right turning lane from Foord onto Acadia to make it a single-lane only. “But it looks like that may not be the solution,” MacGillivray said.

“I’m not sure what more the town can do to remedy the situation.  The town engineer and a traffic consultant will have another look at possible actions the town can take to stop this from being such a frequent occurrence.”

The town has made a number of changes to traffic flow in the main street area this year in an effort to slow down the traffic and make it safer and easier to manoeuver for both motorists and pedestrians. Among them were the addition of a parklet across from town hall, and two stop signs in the same area, at the end of Jubilee Avenue.

“I’ve spent my whole life in Stellarton and the lights have never gone down this frequently before, it’s been four times now since March 2018.” MacGillivray said.

The good news for taxpayers is that the lights are replaced through the insurance of the driver failing to make the turn. “But it is inconvenient to citizens.”

For now, the remaining traffic lights at the intersection will remain flashing red.