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Nova Scotia farmers welcoming guests for 18th Annual Open Farm Day

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Farmers across the province will once again be opening their farms to the public for the 18th annual Open Farm Day on Sept. 15th. More than 30 farms are ready to welcome thousands of Nova Scotians to their operations for a day filled with fun, facts and farming.

Each farm offers a unique, educational experience for their visitors such as; guided farm tours, displays, demonstrations and more! This is a great opportunity to have your farming questions answered! Whether you’re looking for tips, read an article and want clarification, or if you’re simply just curious – there’s no better way to spend a Sunday!

“Open Farm Day is the perfect way for Nova Scotians to meet our farmers and experience what it’s like to work on a farm,” said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “Nova Scotians will see how high-quality foods become the meals we serve, how their purchases help support our rural economies and the agriculture sector every day, and understand the benefits of purchasing and using locally grown and made products, helping us to become more self-sufficient as a province.

Open Farm Day is an Atlantic wide event with New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island participating alongside Nova Scotia. 

“Open Farm Day is a great opportunity to get out and visit some of the farms in your area. Learn more about all that Nova Scotia agriculture has to offer and what is produced by the farms in our province,” said Victor Oulton, president of Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

In Nova Scotia, the agriculture industry produces 100 different products.

A list of participating farms can be found at