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Climate crisis brings faith leaders to Pugwash

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PUGWASH   – Faith and indigenous leaders from across Atlantic Canada and internationally will be hosting a traditional Mi’kmaw feast for the media at the Thinkers Lodge o Sept. 25 t 12 noon.

This event culminates a three-day retreat of reflection, ceremony, and intense and dialogue with 17 leaders – gathering their collective guidance and wisdom for communities in the face of the climate crisis.  Comments will be made from the retreat thinkers on humankind’s relationship to planet Earth, the impacts in Atlantic Canada, and the importance of acting on the climate crisis. 

One of the organizers, lead Minister Russell Daye, St. Andrew’s United Church Halifax, says, “In our time, the climate crisis is our ultimate faith concern. If we ignore it, we betray or faith traditions; if we come together to respond, we may just enrich those traditions and create a common vision for humanity moving forward.” 

The 17 gathered thinkers from across Atlantic Canada includes four indigenous elders, a Green Faith Board member and representatives from most of the major world religions.

This faith retreat on the climate crisis is co-hosted by the Centre for Local Prosperity (CLP, and the Thinkers Lodge (  The Thinkers Lodge is a National Historic Site for the 1957 Pugwash Conference on Nuclear Proliferation.  Together with CLP, the Lodge has continued the ‘Pugwash Mission’ as a critically potent venue for topics posing an existential threat to humankind – such as the climate crisis.