Appeals Court rules in Pictou Landing First Nation’s favour

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Pictou Landing First Nation has a legal right to be consulted in matters pertaining to the province giving money to Northern Pulp for a new treatment facility.

That’s the ruling released Sept. 17 by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal in its decision to uphold a Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that says the Crown must consult with Pictou Landing First Nation if public money is given for a new effluent treatment facility.

Northern Pulp has proposed an alternate effluent treatment facility that would involve effluent being treated then pumped through a pipe into the Northumberland Strait. That plan – which is still awaiting environmental approval – is being opposed by PLFN, fishermen, neighbours and others in the community

The mill had requested an extension to the use of Boat Harbour, but the province has refused; it has ordered its closure by January 2020.

The province had proposed spending up to $8 million to help fund the design of the new treatment facility.