The Costume Party Fiasco (not a scandal)


To the Editor:

Strip away the politics and view this for what it really was… certainly not a scandal for Canada or Mr. Trudeau. Get a grip and deal with the bread and butter issues rather than this tabloid style fanatics!

Those in the media of that ‘tabloid mindset’ better get their researchers out to go after all those who participated in ‘Minstrel Style’ community fund raisers, often spearheaded and run by religious orders of teaching nuns who used these fund raisers for community support for sports, school bands, etc., etc. ad nauseam. Calling this a “racist scandal” is the ‘scandal’!

The ‘political spin doctors’ are salivating and taking to this like ‘flies to an outhouse’! Political parties should choose carefully their ‘hills to die on’ and this isn’t one of them.

Jack MacIsaac