Writer’s comment on immigration was hurtful


To the Editor:

I was shocked and disturbed by the letter from Mr. Andrew Sharpe in last week’s paper suggesting that Canada has no place for immigrants, especially if they do not happen to be white and Christian. His words smack of racism, intolerance and ignorance.

His hurtful opinions are echoes of a shameful past in our history when we did not always welcome our fellow human beings into our wonderful country. People like Mr. Sharpe have, in the past, used these very words to try and deny Jews escaping the holocaust, Irish immigrants from famine, the Vietnamese “boat people” and Ugandans from the horrors of war and genocide from becoming Canadian. His words suggest that, for some reason, we of Anglo Saxon and French heritage are superior to those who do not share our traditions or religious beliefs.

What I do know from my personal experience is that immigration is the key to the future and prosperity of our country and especially our province of Nova Scotia. We need people who can help us sustain and build our economy. Where they come from and what they look like is irrelevant. The important thing is that they have the skills and desire to join us in making Canada an even better place to live and raise our families.

Mr. Sharpe, your words are from a fading era that I hope we never embrace ever again. Who are we or you to judge or deny the dreams of those who yearn to seek a better life in the greatest country on earth?

Dan Currie