Barber takes passion for profession on the road

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NEW GLASGOW — After 25 years in one career, most people would be comfortable in their role and their routine. Craig MacEachern is not one of those people. He’s always looking to expand his professional horizons, and to that end has branched out from his barber/hairstylist role and added the skills of an educator.

MacEachern, owner of Craig’s on Mane in New Glasgow and the Tweed Suit in Truro, both places where you can get a good haircut, is now also a travelling teacher of sorts for Redken Canada.

“I am a Redken Artist/Redken Educator,” MacEachern said of this additional career path. “I specifically teach barbering using our men’s barber essential product line, Brews. They (Redken) will accept applications but you must pass a series of tests and interviews.”

He has been vey busy with the new position and spent the summer travelling and teaching extensively across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. As summer winds down, his schedule is actually stepping up.

“I have Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, and a few more western dates in September. Newfoundland in November, more dates to follow in December. Exciting stuff!”

His presentations focus on traditional and modern barbering skills to stylists and barbers with a focus on strong technique.

Does he find it fulfilling? You bet he does.

“I love teaching the art of of traditional barbering for Redken Canada. I’ve been cutting hair for 25 years, I’m always searching for inspiration in my industry. As an educator I receive so much inspiration from my students. I’ve developed a specific style, and I love passing on knowledge and skills in my classes.”

Those skills run in the family.

“My daughter, Maggie Ackerman, is also a Redken Artist. She is a Redken Certified Colorist. Her specialty is more specific to colour.”

They’ve shared the stage in Halifax as Maggie assisted her dad at a class. Speaking of classes, he has taught on stage at the Carnival of Beauty earlier this year in Halifax and finds getting up there to pass along his hard-earned wisdom a rewarding challenge.

“It can be nerve racking but you have to lean on your skills and abilities, believe in yourself and move forward. I love being on the stage teaching, the energy of the show classroom is incredible,” he noted. “The best part is reaching people, watching that a-ha moment when a student gets it.”

MacEachern counts himself among those lucky people who have passion for their profession.

“I’ve had an incredible career, I’m so lucky to truly love what I do. I hope to gain more ability, education, experience and inspiration working for Redken. I hope to inspire, spread knowledge and educate each class I teach. They have given me this opportunity and I’m thankful for it. What a great trip so far, I’m excited to see what’s next.”

Craig MacEachern gives a trim to Luke Burns at Craig’s on Mane in New Glasgow. MacEachern is a travelling instructor of sorts for Redken Canada and has a full slate of classes coming up around the region and out West. (Ray Burns photo)