Shades of blue at the deCoste

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John Campbelljohn and Theresa Malenfant on Pictou stage

The fall lineup announced by the deCoste Performing Arts Centre has the venue seeing blue — at least in sound, if not in colour — with one of the performances featuring East Coast blues legends John Campbelljohn and Theresa Malenfant.

The two will be on stage on Oct. 19 and the evening will be in true blue fashion featuring cabaret seating with the bar open all evening.

These two performers have several commonalities between them. Both are Maritimers — Campbelljohn hailing originally from Sydney, Cape Breton and Malenfnt from Dieppe, NB. Both got started with their love of the blues at an early age — Malenfant, by listening to some of her favourite blues artists constantly trying to learn their techniques giving her the courage to finally perform on stage at a local high school variety show when she was just 14. From there she would go on to sing a duet with the legendary Dutch Mason. Campbelljohn, on the other hand, had begun to learn how to play the guitar from his dad around 14 years of age. It was at a high school dance after hearing Duane Allman’s “Statesboro Blues” that he began to become obsessed with learning how to play the steel guitar.

The two continued to build on their careers, Campbelljohn becoming a master instrumentalist on acoustic, slide, pedal steel and cigar box guitars as well as a talented songwriter and Malenfant becoming a powerhouse vocalist being compared to Janis Joplin and Etta James.

They’ve toured all over and each have a number of albums they’ve recorded that have garnered them numerous nominations and awards individually from various industry organizations in the blues categories including the East Coast Music Awards Association.

The two legends will come together at the deCoste for what will be a night of blues in its truest forms.

Tickets are $28 and $25 for members, who also get a double break as the show is being offered to them as one of the deCoste’s two tickets for the price of one shows. Tickets can be purchased by contacting the box office.

The show is also one that has the Arts Are for Everyone Free passes available two weeks prior to the show. These can be obtained through the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library.