Junior Gardeners earn awards

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PICTOU — Another season for local Junior Gardeners has ended with awards presentations and refreshments.

Anne Gratton, a Pictou Garden Club member who was also a junior gardener, hosted the event, while junior garden co-ordinator Niki Allan joined her to present prizes.

“It was a treat,” Gratton said. “I was 10 years old and living in the West End.”

The gardeners attend McCulloch Education Centre. Allan provided a plant demonstration before the gardeners began planting for the season.

She and her partner operate Sweetheart Farms in Rocklin, where they pasture Highland cattle and she grows cut flowers.

“It was awesome,” Allan said about working with the younger gardeners. “They were really excited. They were overjoyed presenting their gardens.”

Gratton had an opportunity to provide the children’s parents with a special gift: 16 potted begonias that lined the sidewalk at the Pictou County Solid Waste office but were picked up before fall frost could claim them.

“I’m a bit of a rescuer,” she said. “Talk about recycling.”

Junior Gardeners receive various awards on Sept. 25 during presentations. Front row, from left: junior garden co-ordinator Niki Allan with gardeners Emma Gray, Lola Bonaparte, Reese Hawkins, Waylon Laundon and Luke Prest. Back row: Claire Smith, Ella Bray, Chloe Smith, Reese Nicholson, Eva Tucker and Ethan Hutchinson. (Goodwin photo)