Local group plies trail section


SCOTSBURN — A group of enthusiastic hikers completed part of the Cape to Cape Trail last weekend through parts of Colchester and Pictou counties.

Seven hiked the first day on Friday from Kemptown to Willis Cemetery and spent the night at the Scottish-inspired shelter called a bothy that is located nearby.

Two others joined the group on Saturday from there to Scotsburn, while the journey on Sunday was from there along the Durham Trail to the Green Hill Look Off.

The hikers have some interesting nicknames. Bob Boardway is called Baz, while Elaine Falconer is appropriately called Falcon and fellow organizer Eric Wilson is called The Red. There are also Jim Two Feathers Vance, while Arianne Wyllie is called Coyote and Debbie Wilkinson is called Roadrunner.

Boardway has limited vision but used a walking pole instead of his guide dog for the trip. He is a former high school teacher and minor soccer coach who utilized trails to improve the players’ physical conditioning.

“I’ve been hiking for a while,” he said. “I’d take my soccer teams and do the Durham Trail.”

He said he likes the camaraderie the trail group offers.

“It’s a great group,” he said. “It’s well organized and if you like nature there’s a lot to offer.”

Falconer said Friday’s walk went well, despite some cold, wet weather that cleared away for Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s great — everything is running on schedule,” she said. “The rain held off for the hardest part of the trail.”

By Sunday, Wilson estimated the walkers who started at Kemptown at 8 a.m. on Friday completed 55 kilometres to Green Hill on Sunday.

“The weather was absolutely beautiful (on Sunday),” he said.

The trail system is well marked and parts of it have been newly signed along the Durham and Green Hill trails.

Several local residents completed a section of trails that connect Colchester and Pictou counties last weekend. They stopped for supper at Willis Cemetery near Millsville. Front row, from left: Bob Boardway, Elaine Falconer and Eric Wilson. Back row: Natalie Parker, Cathy Ellsworth, Jim Vance, Marianne Wyllie, Tom Brennan and Debbie Wilkinson. (Goodwin photo)