Investment of a little time is best ROI


To the Editor:

I have been giving some serious thought to the concept of ROI, Return on Investment. It is an axiom of business, that when investing in a capital project, or any project, there needs to be a return on investment. In business, invariably that investment is measured in direct return of dollars for dollars invested.

There is, in our community, an organization that offers an amazing return for investment of just a little time. I am referring to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Right now there are over 200 children in Pictou County waiting for their “big”.

An investment of time and caring on one’s part guarantees a magical return on investment! Statistics have proven that kids who have had the benefit of partnering with a “big” have a much greater chance of becoming positive citizens in our community. Simply being there and caring with the guidance of the match co-ordinator is all it takes.

AND there is another huge plus. Just ask anyone who is or has been matched with a child and they will tell you that the payback in the relationships that develop, and seeing a child develop and grow brings an amazing feeling of pride on what has been done. And these kids give it back ten fold as well.

All it takes is an interview and some time to start the ball rolling and bring better opportunity to the child as well as yourself.

I am challenging both individuals as well as employers to support this cause, with just a little time, to realize the best return imaginable.

Peter Fraser