Racism is NOT OK


To the Editor:

I would like to add my comments to those of Dan Currie in his letter in the September 25 edition of the Pictou Advocate: ‘Writer’s comment on immigration was hurtful’ and Joy Walker in her letter in the October 2 edition of the Pictou Advocate: ‘Saddened by letter writer’s views on immigration.’

I found it deeply disturbing to see Andrew Sharpe’s letter about ‘mass immigration’ on page 6 of the September 18 edition of the Pictou Advocate. His comments distinguishing ‘intra-European’ from ‘non-European’ immigration and calling Canada ‘a nation of white Christians’ are outright racist and distort the history of immigration in Canada.

For instance, Sharpe completely ignores the fact that there were many indigenous nations on this land before any Europeans came here.

It is not too surprising that after Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party created advertisements opposing ‘mass immigration,’ that this would give some people the idea that the time is right to air their racist sentiments.

I urge everyone who wants equality to express themselves and to use their votes to make it clear that racism is NOT OK

Catherine Hughes

Kajipukwek/River John