There’s no shore like the North Shore

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It’s easy to get swept up in the streaming craze with all the new shows coming out constantly on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime and more, but have you heard of Pictou County’s own streaming show?

After much preparation and lots of hard work, Pictou County’s own talk-variety show debuted on Sept. 4 on The idea for the show came out of a working partnership between Tony Decoste, one of the show’s hosts, and Danny Harvie, the show’s director. Between the two friends, they had enough cameras to shoot a show and as fans of Conan O’Brien and funny segments from O’Brien and Andy Richter, they decided to put something together.

“I stumbled across this article online — “Top Five Regrets of the Dying” which scared the crap out of me, mostly the part that pointed out that everyone has things they regret not doing when they had the chance because they were afraid that people would judge them,” said Decoste about why he decided to act on creating the show. “I guess I’m finally now at the age where I realize that if someone has a hate on you for doing something you find fun then that person isn’t someone you’d want to have in your life anyways, so screw those people!”

Decoste drafted a list of people he knew that he wanted to be involved when he began putting the show together and who would be excited about creating ideas for the show and putting in the work. After quitting his day job to pursue his own business, Carbon Capture Media, Decoste added that it was easy for him to not leave the house and sink himself into editing work for a number of days. The show is also an opportunity for him and other members of the cast to get out and spend more time together while creating content.

“Another thing that really surprised me is the response from viewers,” he said. “This will probably jinx the show but, so far, we are yet to receive a single dislike on YouTube and we get a lot of audience interaction during the show.” Along with the interaction with viewers, the show also features giveaways during each episode featuring local businesses and helping propel the content with viewer stories.

“My favourite moment so far would probably be the “Handle the Heat” challenge during episode 3 when Fear challenged Wayne to eat a habanero pepper dipped in one of the hottest hot sauces in the world, live on air,” Decoste laughed. “Wayne showed up on set that day more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs but he still pulled through with the funny when the time came.”

Recently, the show announced it will be going bi-weekly beginning Oct. 16 at 8 p.m.

“I guess the best way to describe the show would be to say that it’s a cross between mid-90’s Conan O’Brien and Wayne’s World, or Sesame Street if Sesame Street wasn’t for kids and was part live show mixed with pre-tapes, so if Sesame Street was a completely different show it would be just like our show,” Decoste said.

The crew of North Shore Livestream prepare for one of the episodes that they film live from Wranglers Bar and Grill in New Glasgow every second Wednesday evening. (Brimicombe photo)