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Local artist creates 365 mugs with proceeds going to charity

A daily new year’s habit can be hard to continue. Doing something 365 times takes time and dedication and patience.

In Carey Allan’s case, it also takes creativity.

The local artist and pottery teacher took it upon herself to create her own little masterpiece each day, a reflection of her year — in mugs.

“The reason I started doing this is because with the store and teaching and everything I wasn’t doing my own pottery,” said Allan about the project. After beginning the project, she added that she realized pretty quickly that her mug a day project would be a great community project as well as something for her to work on daily to get back to her own pottery.

Since beginning the project, Allen hasn’t missed a day and with so many mugs, she laughed, that sometimes there seems to be mugs everywhere at home. Along with boosting her creativity, Allen said that having to create a new mug each day teaches her new techniques since she does not always have her tools with her.

“It’s my own personal pilgrimage. My goal is just to get through the year,” she said.

During the process of creating all of these mugs, Allan added that she has been keeping a journal about the mugs and she shares in the journal what inspires her to make the mug she created that day.

Allan isn’t just doing the project for herself though; she has been working on big plans for the mugs over the months that she has been creating them.

“The money that will be made will go back into the community,” she said. Allan’s goal is to raise $10,000 with the sale of her mugs and she will donate the money locally. With a mug usually selling for $25 plus tax, the total from all of the mugs sold would come to a little over $10,000.

“I would never have $10,000 in my pocket to donate somewhere,” said Allan about what prompted her to want to donate the money. The artist is looking at having an auction-type event sometime in the new year to allow people to view all the mugs in one place together before they are sold and to look at each one to get a chance to decide which one they like the best. The new year timeline will also give her enough time to finish all of the mugs as well as glaze and paint them all.

Along with passing on the money to a local charity or organization, Allan also hopes to pass along the challenge to other artists in the area.

“I would like to challenge another artist to take on this pilgrimage,” Allan said.

Carey Allan stands with a few months’ worth of mugs both — finished and unfinished — for her mug a day project.

(Brimicombe photo)