‘Scheer’ joy

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It was a week of politics and a final push leading into election day last week as just days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Pictou County leader of the Conservative party also rolled into Pictou County for an appearance on Thursday evening.

Party leader Andrew Scheer attended a rally and kitchen party style gathering in support of George Canyon, the Central Nova candidate.

Former MP for Central Nova, Peter MacKay, was present as well to introduce Canyon who went on to welcome Scheer to the stage to speak.

The party leader took his time on stage to speak a bit about what Canada under his rule would look like and what citizens could expect to see if was to be voted PM.

“I will launch an inquiry into his scandal,” said Scheer referring to competitor, Justin Trudeau. He also spoke about his previous trip to Nova Scotia with his family where the group was able to go out on a lobster boat and learn more about the fishery industry and how important it is in Atlantic Canada.

“I’m here for people that just need a break,” Scheer said. “Life shouldn’t be this difficult… It’s not the government that should be getting bigger and bigger, it’s your paycheque.”

Scheer spoke more about how he and his party plan to put faith in the people instead of government as well as the possibility of a Liberal and NDP coalition.

“I will always defend Canada with Strength,” Scheer said. “I will always stand up for freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of liberty.