PM stops at Coffee Bean

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Archimedes Street was a wash of red last Tuesday afternoon as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped by a local coffee shop to support Central Nova Liberal candidate Sean Fraser.

Although he was running late from earlier visits elsewhere in the province, Trudeau still made a coffee stop at The Coffee Bean to give a nod to a local small business in Fraser’s riding.

Fraser greeted the crowd of a couple of hundred people split between inside and outside of the building and addressed some of his election platform as well as some of the accomplishments he has achieved in the past four years as Member of Parliament.

“Vote like you have never voted before, we are going to have a close election,” said Fraser.

As PM Trudeau arrived on a bus along with campaign reporters from large media outlets the crowd swarmed the politician holding out hands to be shaken and cell phones to take selfies with Trudeau. The politician made his way into the coffee shop where he continued to shake hands and greet locals that had been waiting in the shop for him to arrive. Trudeau then made his way behind the counter to talk to Scott and Antje Hoare, owners of the coffee shop that has been in Pictou County for more than 30 years.

“It seemed like a good atmosphere,” said Scott Hoare. He added that in the 33 years that the business has been open that was the first time they had a guest of that status come to their shop. Hoare said that they had only received the call about a day before everything had happened and it had all managed to come together at that time.

“At first we were a little nervous that he would show up and there wouldn’t be a lot of people here but that wasn’t the case,” he laughed. Hoare added that the publicity was very much appreciated.

“There were a lot of people in here that had never been in here before,” Hoare said.

Sean Fraser was thrilled with the turn out on short notice and shared that he believes that the turnout for the PM showed that there is an audience for progressive politics in Pictou County. As for the leader of the country visiting a county in Nova Scotia Fraser said, “It means he’s committed, he’s been here six times since the last campaign.”