Al Muir sees People’s Party growth ahead

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Now that the federal election is over, Al Muir is concentrating on what comes next.

The People’s Party of Canada candidate for Central Nova said the party is still young and he believes they were misrepresented during the campaign, which he thinks held them back.

“We’ve got nothing but growth ahead of us. It’s that kind of growing pains when the party is so new, obstacles you have to overcome,” he said from Andre’s Seats in Stellarton on Monday night where he was watching election results with supporters.

He was asked by one person in Antigonish why he was running for a racist party, he said.

“I find it particularly offensive to be mislabeled like that.”

He spoke about some of the early supporters of the party, one of whom was linked with a neo-Nazi group in the United States.

“What happened is when you get a new party, everybody’s looking for a voice. People who don’t have a voice are looking for it. And there’s some people who shouldn’t have a voice,” he said, adding that the supporter had been removed from the party.

“All a person would have to do is go to one of the meetings where (People’s Party of Canada leader) Max (Bernier) spoke to see the diversity of the crowd, to see the diversity of our candidates, to hear the messages that were being delivered there and they’d realize that this was patented nonsense.”

Muir received slightly more than two percent of the vote, ahead of the Communist Party of Canada’s Chris Frazer and the independent candidate, Mike Slowik.

Chris Frazer could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Al Muir watches local results come in on a laptop at Andre’s Seats on Monday night. From left are is Terri Greening, Robert Thompson, Darlene Muir, Al Muir, Shirley Muir, and Diane MacNeil. (Jess photo)