Canyon doffs hat to competitors

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It’s not the first time George Canyon has come in second place and, as he stated Monday evening after receiving news that he did not win the Central Nova riding in the federal election, the last time didn’t end up so bad.

Set up at The Spot in downtown New Glasgow, Canyon’s Conservative supporters watched the televisions brought to the upstairs lounge as the results rolled in. Just after the results were called by a number of sources as a Liberal win, Canyon arrived to applause at the gathering where he thanked his supporters with handshakes and waves.

“It takes a huge team of people, a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to make a campaign happen,” said Canyon addressing the crowd. He thanked his team and those who supported him along the way.

“We need to encourage each other to step up to serve our nation in this capacity,” Canyon continued as he congratulated the other candidates on their campaigns and thanked Liberal MP Sean Fraser for his work over the past four years and the work he will continue to do in office. Canyon went on to show appreciation for the democratic system and those who made it possible.

“To be able to have a voice and have a say in the direction of our county and the way it’s headed is such an incredible gift and we all need to take a moment and give gratitude to those who protected that right, our veterans, and those who continue to protect our rights and freedoms, our current members of the Canadian Armed Forces,” Canyon said.

“To have the opportunity to be the voice of the constituents of Central Nova is absolutely the greatest honour ever bestowed upon me. For hundreds of years, our families have lived and worked together in harmony in Central Nova — no matter our political affiliation — overcoming obstacles together and as a community creating a stronger, brighter future for our children’s children to come.”

Although he is concerned about the state the country could end up in financially with Justin Trudeau as leader, Canyon added that this concern does not extend to returning MP Sean Fraser. “Sean’s a good young man,” he added.

Despite getting off to a rocky start with how he was appointed as a candidate in the beginning, Canyon felt that his campaign overcame that obstacle. He added that he learned a lot about himself while on his campaign trail.

“This was a life-changing experience for me,” said Canyon.

George Canyon took the stage at The Spot in New Glasgow to speak to supporters and press after the election results were announced indicating a Liberal win. (Brimicombe photo)