Central Nova seeing red — again

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A historic riding result has favoured the Liberals and returned Sean Fraser as Central Nova MP.

Fraser took most of the votes cast in the riding as he won for the second straight time and helped the federal Liberals to form government once again. He remarked how it was the first time in the riding that the Liberals won consecutive elections.

“You had a chance to make a difference. My God, did you make a difference,” he told a rowdy gathering celebrating his victory at The Dock in New Glasgow. “What you have built will outlast me as a Member of Parliament.”

He praised how his campaign team knocked on more than 35,000 doors in the riding.

Fraser was declared the winner barely an hour after poles closed on Monday evening. He was soon polling comfortably ahead of Conservative George Canyon, who later dropped by to congratulate him.

Fraser touched on his time as a 6’7” high school basketball player at East Pictou Rural High School, talking about how it meant more to win a tough game close while praising the campaigns of Canyon and his other opponents.

“It meant more to me to win by two points,” he said. “We beat a good team by more than that.”

In an interview later, Fraser said his team felt confident that it could win again.


“Our confidence showed from the first time I put my name on a ballot four years ago,” he said, referring to his first successful run in Central Nova in 2015.

Fraser said his immediate attention is on two projects in the riding: twinning Highway 104 to Antigonish and completing the closure and remediation of Boat Harbour.

“More is in the works,” he said, citing a list of 100 things he wants to get done over time.

Fraser’s father, John Fraser, said he appreciated his son’s strong campaign and how he has represented the riding.

“I’m happy,” John said. “He had a very strong showing. I think it was important, the confidence the people in Central Nova had for him. I expect great things from him in the future.”

Long-time Liberal supporter Ross Hamid said he was delighted with the results.

“Fantastic!” he said. “I did not expect the result to be that quick.”

Sean Fraser addresses the crowd after his arrival at victory celebrations. (Goodwin photo)