Green’s increased presence buoys Barry Randle

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The Green Party saw their support nearly double in Central Nova this election from 2015 numbers.

Barry Randle received close to eight percent of the vote compared to about four percent in the last federal race.

Randle was feeling happy with the strides the party made locally and nationally Monday night as he watched the results come in at his campaign office on Water Street in Pictou with supporters.

“It feels like the Green Party has finally crawled out of the wilderness and is actually being recognized,” said Randle.

He believes the increase in support comes from the younger population who are “less locked into the patterns” of their parents. Though the riding has traditionally voted Conservative, he thinks Liberal Sean Fraser’s re-election shows that’s shifting.

“I think things are changing around here and I think eyes are opening and I think people are becoming more awake and I think it’s time to move forward and this bodes well for what we can do provincially.”

He said the Central Nova campaign was well done and added that all the candidates had respect for each other.

“I’m really happy that Sean’s held onto his seat because I can work with Sean,” he said, also congratulating all of the candidates who ran.

“It was a really fun experience to go through and I’m hooked.”

He hopes to continue to be involved with the Green Party in the provincial election and to see substantial support for the party.

“There’s a lot more concern locally about environmental issues and about the state of the planet and about what’s going on, so I think there’s room to move here and I think it’s a good thing that’s going on.”

Barry Randle, centre, poses with his campaign team at his office in Pictou on Monday night. From left are Monica Booth, Barbara Sherriff, Randle, Camille Davidson, David Hachey and Cecile Vigneault. (Jess photo)