NDP’s Betsy MacDonald proud of her campaign

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New Democratic Party candidate Betsy MacDonald was “encouraged” by the results of the federal election and by the campaign in general.

When contacted by phone on Monday evening, after Liberal incumbent MP Sean Fraser was declared the winner in Central Nova, MacDonald said she was “very proud” of her campaign.

“We ran a very strong campaign that focused on the issues and we listened to the voters,” MacDonald said.

The single mother, community organizer and researcher with a long history of grassroots activism in Central Nova said throughout the campaign, voters were concerned with health care, climate action and “policies that will make life more affordable.”

She has led a range of projects and social justice campaigns on poverty reduction, food security, health, youth leadership and more.

“I don’t think we should take the results as a vote for the status quo. I’ve heard the voters want better and the status quo is not acceptable. The voters want policies that work for everyday people.”

The big picture results remain to be seen, MacDonald said.

“I hope that the elected are humbled by the results and they’ll respond to the voters’ choice by developing policies that reflect the people’s priorities and needs.”

She noted that she accepts the voters’ decision in the end but remains “encouraged by the entire experience.”