Howie Dunbar new police chief in Westville

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UPDATE with comment from Coun. Charlie Sutherland

WESTVILLE – Town council has approved its new police chief.

Staff Sgt. Howie Dunbar was named to the post at council’s regular meeting on Monday. His appointment is effective on January 1, 2020.

He will replace Don Hussher, whose term officially ends on December 31.

Acting Mayor Lennie White said Dunbar’s experience with the force and his prior military experience had a bearing on the decision. 

The appointment came from a search that ended with a recommendation by the town’s board of police commissioners before the council meeting and an in-camera session before  council reconvened.

“We’re quite happy we had him available,” White said. “I think he will be accepted by the other police officers and the community.”

Council voted 3-1 to hire Dunbar.

Coun. Charlie Sutherland cast the lone vote opposing the appointment. 

“I’m not opposing the individual,” he said. “I’m opposing the idea. It’s more to do with that l think there’s an opportunity for the towns doing municipal policing to do more together. I thought there was an opportunity for cost savings. I was looking at that opportunity.”