Christmas tree for Boston from Pictou County

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BLACK POINT – Residents of Black Point are happy a white spruce tree on their property will be this year’s annual Christmas tree in Boston.

Corina Saunders and her partner Desmond Waithe recently received word that the 60-year-old tree is being trimmed and shipped there after a ceremony that will coincide with cutting down the tree on November 13.

“Having the tree selected as Boston’s 2019 Christmas tree is really an honour,” said Waithe, a retired police officer. “It’s something to be a part of this, knowing the tree is going on behalf of Nova Scotians to the people of Boston.”

Urban Roots, based in Pictou Landing, spent three days trimming and wrapping the tree for shipment to Boston.”

The annual Tree for Boston gesture by Nova Scotia is an ongoing expression of gratitude for Bostonians’ enormous response by sending medical personnel and supplies after the massive Halifax munitions explosion in December, 1917 after two wartime vessels collided in the harbour.

Waithe explained how government employee Don Cameron saw the tree and considered it a good candidate for Boston’s Christmas tree.

“Don Cameron has a cottage near our place and noticed the tree,” Waithe said. “He decided to approach us last year and asked us if we would like to have it put on a watch list. It has the specifications for height and kind of tree. They like white or red spruce of fir, 40 to 50 feet high. Ours is 48 feet high. They look for a lot of things like shape, full bodied and location, and it accessible.”

Students from Pictou Landing First Nation and Frank H. MacDonald Elementary School have been invited to attend the tree cutting ceremony.

“The Tree for Boston is about gratitude, friendship and harmony,” said Lands and Forestry Minister, Iain Rankin. “We continue to honour Boston for their kindness during our time of need following the Halifax Explosion 102 years ago.”

Corina Saunders, left, and Desmond Waithe stand in front of the white spruce tree that has been chosen for Nova Scotia’s annual gift of a Christmas tree to the City of Boston. (Goodwin photo)