Bringing it home

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The party is coming to New Glasgow with the latest show featuring The Stanfields coming up fast on November 23.

The show for their latest single release will be the band’s last gig in 2019 and precedes an album release that is being planned for January 2020.

“We’re wrapping it up on the ol’ stomping grounds,” laughed Jon Landry, frontman for The Stanfields. The band’s new single was released in early October and it’s called Breakers in the Dark. Landry shared that it’s something a bit different than what fans might expect to hear from them.

“It’s really laid back in comparison to our earlier catalog,” he said.

The song was very much inspired by the West Coast 70s rock that the band enjoys listening to during their time in the tour van and on their own time as well. He added that the reception for the single has been great so far.

As for the upcoming show at Glasgow Square, fans can expect to hear a bit of everything.

“We’ll play a lot of material off our previous five records and some new,” Landry said. This round of touring has been a bit different for the band so far as they are switching it up to do semi-acoustic shows on the road.

“We’ve been calling it an acoustic-ish tour, it’s really cool.” This type of show features the full band doing their thing on stage as it would normally be except with Landry on an acoustic guitar.

Making their way back to home is always special for the band but since a long-time friend of the band members, Carlton Munro, passed away the trip to Glasgow Square is even more special.

“We call it Carlton’s church,” reminisced Landry.

As the band’s new album is coming up soon, Landry added that new songs will be played at the upcoming shows as well which allows the band to get a feel for what tracks the audience enjoys the most.

“Right now, just getting to play the songs and see people’s reactions,” said Landry about his favourite part. “It’ll be great to see everyone.