Team Kim gets special help


Helping Team Kim from South Korea was a rewarding time for people at the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling.

Jim Cruickshank chauffeured the team where ever it needed to go, while a South Korean couple living in Pictou County helped with translation.

“I got a call for translation one day before the event started,” Jack Lee said. “I’m really happy to be involved.”

Lee and his partner Min Jung Kim took every opportunity to watch Team Kim curl through the week until the team captured the women’s Tier II Division on Sunday.

“We’ve really enjoyed it,” Lee said.

Cruickshank picked up Team Kim at the airport in the wee hours of November 4 after their 13-hour flight from South Korea to Toronto and a two-hour flight to Halifax. He drove them to and from their hotel and where ever else they needed a ride.

“They came a long way,” he said. “They were great people. We had great fun and I enjoyed their company.”

Cruickshank said volunteering was a new experience for him, and lining up for his red volunteer jacket helped drive home the significance of the curling event..

“It’s the first time I ever volunteered for anything,” he said. “To see 280 people in a line to get a jacket, it’s mind-boggling what it takes to do this and it was quite successful.”

Jim Cruickshank is surrounded by members of Team Kim after their Tier II women’s division title win. (Goodwin photo)