A closet of care


If you believe in karma then it’s safe to say that high school students Raven Eldstrom and Jessica Stewart will have a lot of good things coming to them after creating Northumberland Regional High Schools Karma Closet.

The project is in its second year and has been a great success, being used by many students. The Karma Closet is a room located in the school’s student services block of rooms. The shelf and table set up in the corner of the room houses anything a student could need, from shampoo, toothpaste and laundry detergent to granola bars, hats and school supplies. The idea of the project is that the area is a judgment-free zone, no questions asked where anyone is welcome to come in and take what they need.

As the bell rings for break students pop in a few at a time grabbing granola bars and whatever else they might need that day, whether they forgot lunch or just needed a snack the resource is there for them.

“Last year I was in Yoga 11 with Mrs.Berezowski and it started as a yoga karma project,” said Raven Eldstrom, one of the creators of the project along with fellow classmate Jessica Stewart. Since then the Karma Closet has gained popularity and has remained well used by students at the high school.

“I really like seeing people smile,” said Stewart, sometimes it makes people’s days.”

The pair shared that some of the most popular items that they find are flying off the shelves are personal hygiene products like toothbrushes, shampoo and deodorant as well as snacks that kids can eat on breaks like granola bars, and ritz crackers.

Currently, the two students are working on donations letters from local companies and groups to help continue to stock the shelves for students’ needs. Currently, the items are being purchased from a teacher plus credit union grant of $1,500. as well as a donation from the Westville Circle K and a recent donation from the Alma Greenhill Church. The students have even created a Facebook page that includes a wish list. The facebook page can be found by searching NRHS Karma Closet. Anyone that wishes to make a donation can drop off the items to the school in Alma.

“I love seeing it grow and hear people talk about it,” said Stewart.