Club season in high gear


NEW GLASGOW — It’s a busy time at the Pictou County Gymnastics Club as the 2019-20 season continues.

Head coach Wendy Cruickshank said the club remains a large one with more than 300 members in various levels.

Jake MacLane, 9, and Spencer White, 13, are two of the five boys in competitive gymnastics.

“They are the two highest level boys in the club,” she said.

There are also 25 girls in competitive gymnastics and one other gymnast is transitioning to competitive level this year.

Training is ongoing as gymnasts prepare for a gym meet during the second week in January in Dartmouth. Registration took place in late November to encourage more boys and girls to join the club.

Age groups include those aged 18 months to three years where children and their parents spend active time together in the gym with an accent on guided fun and free play.

There is also a group for pre-school children aged three to five years, who join the club’s active play with trained coaches who introduce them to some of the apparatus and organize active games.

Those aged five years and up warm up in fun-oriented active play before breaking up into age groups to practice on gym equipment.

Competitive gymnastics is for those with the commitment to practise and perform at a high level leading toward provincial and regional competitions.

Jake MacLane swings his legs on the parallel bar at the Pictou County Gymnastics Club. MacLane is among the highest level boys in the club. (Goodwin photo)