Colin Cook art show on Sunday

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Be prepared to be wowed.

Local artist Colin Cook is emerging as one of Nova Scotia’s most exciting and innovative artists. You have a chance to see and purchase his work – again – on Sunday, Dec. 8 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Shaun’s, 135 Provost Street.

This will mark Cook’s second show in as many weeks; he also held a successful art show last Sunday at Shaun’s in downtown New Glasgow and it went so well that he’s doing it again.

“I had an incredible evening last night! I felt on top of the world!” Cook said of his show last weekend.

Cook, who graduated from the NSCC Truro Campus with a degree in graphic design, has been working in the print industry for the past 33 years. He completes his works of art from his home studio in White Hill. This largely self-taught artist has been creating stunning pieces his entire life.

He was born to create and credits former high school principal, the late Edmund Doucette, with being a driving force behind Cook’s success. It was this educator who asked a teenaged Cook to paint a series of motivational murals.  

The artist acknowledges Doucette as one of the most inspirational people in his life. He encouraged Cook to be fearless when being creative and to be willing to make a few mistakes. Cook says it was this wisdom that helped him achieve some of his most outstanding pieces to date.

The White Hill resident does not limit himself to any medium or particular style. He has applied his natural talent and creativity to forms from pen and ink drawings through to large-scale commissioned sculptural installations.  His technical expertise has allowed him to produce works that include motion and multimedia.  Ask anyone who knows him; Cook can create a piece of art out of anything that he touches.

Check out the artist for yourself on Sunday, 5-7 p.m. at 135 Provost Street.