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Four RCMP vehicles damaged following series of incidents

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The arrest of two people for a series of crimes has resulted in a collision and damage to four RCMP vehicles.

The collision occurred on Hwy. 104 between Exits 18A and 19, shortly before noon today. There were no injuries to the suspects or any police officers. An RCMP collision analyst is at the scene which has resulted in traffic being reduced to one lane in both directions in the area.

The RCMP is in the initial stages of this investigation. A timeline of the events is as follows:

·       December 15, 1:50 a.m.: Members of Colchester District RCMP were conducting a checkpoint in Lower Truro. A pickup truck was checked by police, and when the police officer questioned some details about the vehicle, it fled the area. RCMP determined the licence plate was stolen and pursued the vehicle for a short time, however they called it off a short time later.

·       December 16, 11:20 p.m.: A member of Antigonish District RCMP was checking addresses in the area of Purl Brook for the same truck. They were following up on the investigation and checking addresses related to the suspects. They spotted the truck near a home and spoke to the occupants, however, the suspects were not there. Police located stolen property inside the home. They learned the suspects had fled the home on foot and were at the neighbouring property. RCMP went to the neighbour’s and located more stolen property. They seized the additional property and the truck. Police were told the suspects were in the area on foot, however, they were not located.  

·       December 17, 11:43 a.m.: RCMP located the two suspects in the same area as they had been the previous evening, Purl Brook. The two were arrested, handcuffed and lodged in back of an unmarked police vehicle, with a marked unit en route to the area to transport them. The suspects fled the area in the police vehicle. Additional RCMP officers were dispatched to the area, and the vehicle was eventually located on Hwy. 104 in Pictou County. A pursuit was initiated, and the suspect vehicle eventually crossed the median into oncoming traffic. The responding RCMP officers pushed the suspect vehicle into the median with their vehicles due to the high risk to public safety. Neither the suspects nor any police officers were injured. The suspects were taken into custody and were transported to Antigonish Detachment. In total, four RCMP vehicles were damaged.

The two suspects, a 22-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, both from Alberta, will appear in Antigonish Provincial Court tomorrow. The investigation is ongoing.