Premier to make decision on Boat Harbour on Friday

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Premier Stephen McNeil will reveal his decision on the fate of Northern Pulp and Boat Harbour on Friday.

In a press release issued this morning in response to Minister of Environment Gordon Wilson’s decision on Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent treatment plant, McNeil said: “According to the regulator, Northern Pulp has provided some of the scientific evidence required, but not enough, meaning more work would need to be done.”

The regulator has given the company the opportunity to file an environmental assessment report, which could take up to two years.

“Our government now faces a very difficult decision – whether to give the company an extension to allow it to do the work necessary to prove it can operate in an environmentally sound manner, or let the Boat Harbour deadline stand, effectively shutting down the mill.”

McNeil said this is one of the most difficult decisions his government has had to make to date so, “we need to take more time to reflect. At the same time, I understand how difficult this is for many Nova Scotians for many different reasons and I will make a decision public on Friday.”