Kelsey Hann go-karting feature at deCoste


MOUNT WILLIAM — Go-karting is pretty much Kesley Hann’s life.

It has been for nearly 10 years and now Hann is the subject of the premiere of a documentary called Winning is a Close Second that will be screened starting at 7 p.m. on January 9 at the deCoste Performing Arts Centre in Pictou.

Black Sheep Productions, which is led by Brandon Cassidy and features students at Ryerson University in Toronto, is presenting the documentary. They needed a final video project as part of their graduating year.

“They were looking for a project and they decided we’d be the story,” Hann said, referring to her father Graham Hann who helped her with her budding career.

“They decided they were coming to the East Coast in October, did some recording and went back to put it all together.”

Graham Hann described how Cassidy saw Kelsey’s blog on go-kart racing in Canada.

“He got interested in her story and approached her about the documentary,” Graham said.

Now 17, Kelsey has been racing go-karts since she was eight.

Go-karts are small, low-slung open-wheel racing machines that come in various sizes and shapes, as well as varied horsepower.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s very much my whole life. It’s the adrenalin rush. You’re only an inch off the ground. Its top speed is 100 kilometres per hour, depending on the track.”

Her home track is in Lakeburn, N.B., near Moncton, but she competes in the Coupe de Montreal series of races in Quebec and also races in Ontario.

She raced in Indiana last fall and plans to race in January and March in Florida.

What Kelsey most appreciates is how she and her family travel together to the competitions.

“My whole family enjoys it,” she said. “We talk about the car drives together.”

Kelsey’s age meant she entered the women’s 16 to 35 age category last summer.

“It was a bit of a challenge but we did pretty good this year,” she said modestly.

That’s when Graham intervened and reeled off her championships in Lakeburn and the Coupe de Montreal series, as well as runner-up at the Canadian Nationals in Ontario.

Training is part of the regimen for Kelsey. So is proper diet.

“I used to train when I was younger and I still do,” she said.”You need the endurance and training because it can wear on you.”

Kelsey Hann stands beside her racing go-kart. Hann is the subject of a go-karting documentary to be screened on January 9 at the deCoste Performing Arts Centre in Pictou. (Goodwin photo)