Wilber let go from NP transition taskforce

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UPDATE: in response to the Transition Team removing Robin Wilbur from his post, the following is a statement from Kelliann Dean, deputy minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Trade, and forestry transition team lead:

The forestry transition team was formed to collaborate on ways to support the forestry sector and the workers and businesses connected to the industry. This is not a table to discuss the future of Northern Pulp. That is the company’s issue. Robin Wilber is focused on options for Northern Pulp. That is not part of the transition team’s mandate therefore he is no longer part of the transition team.

After speaking to a number of media outlets on Monday about the future plans for Northern Pulp, Transition Team member Robin Wilber has been let go from the position.

Wilber spoke to a number of outlets on January 6 about how the “hot idle” solution would keep the boiler for the pulp and paper mill operational while the rest of the plant was shut down. The “hot Idle” solution would create power from the plant that would go back into the grid along with the coal power generated from Nova Scotia Power.

“Last night I got a call and they fired me.”

Robin Wilber

Wilber revealed Tuesday morning during an interview with the Rick Howe Show on News 95.7 Halifax that he was no longer with the team.

“Well I wasn’t going to go there this morning but you keep saying that I’m part of the transition team. Because I wanted to talk about the possibility of a hot idle…they…last night I got a call and they fired me,” said Wilber about his position. Howe clarified with Wilber that it was the transition team that he was fired from and Wilber confirmed.

“Because I wanted to talk about Northern Pulp and they don’t want to have any discussions about Northern Pulp so I don’t know what the transition team plans to do, but it should be a big part of how we move forward but it doesn’t seem to be that way,” Wilber said.

Amid the news on Monday, Pictou Landing First Nation Chief Andrea Paul released a statement on the matter:

“As far as I am aware no notice to consult has been issued in respect of a request by Northern Pulp to the Province to allow it to discharge any amount of wastewater into Boat Harbour from the mill, even if it is wastewater used only in the power boiler or other non-pulping parts of the mill,” stated Paul.

Friends of the Northumberland Strait (FONS) Jill Graham-Scanlan also had comments about the plan to share:

“Northern Pulp wouldn’t be allowed to put the factory into a hot idle, as per the Boat Harbour Act,” said Graham-Scanlan.

Contact with Wilber had not been returned as of publishing time.