Winter hikes peak interest in snowshoeing

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One way to honour your New Year’s resolution to be more active is to get outside. You might assume that in winter your only option is to go to the gym. But Hike NS invites you to explore our many trails this winter. If the snow is too deep, all you need is snowshoes.

“Recent statistics from Participaction show that adults are not active enough,” says Janet Barlow, Hike NS executive director.

“An easy way to get active is to go for a walk. It’s really as simple as that. Don’t let the cold or snow stop you. Dress properly, go with friends or family or try a guided hike.”

Hike NS and 35 host organizations partnered up to offer the Winter Guided Hike Series in January, February and March. There are 60 hikes scheduled province-wide. Hikes are led by local folks and participants qualify to win trail prizes. Hikes are free or low-cost and some require pre-registration. Most are snowshoeing events or just regular hikes if there’s no snow.

The full schedule with registration details and directions is found at

Wondering where to find snowshoes? Not to worry, since you can easily find snowshoes to borrow, rent or buy using Hike NS’s online guide, with over 90 listings. There are over 65 venues listed where you can borrow them for free. For some of the guided hikes, snowshoes are provided.

(Photo by Michael from Calgary, AB, Canada)