Cheers to the first born babies of new year and new decade

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The dawn of a new decade is something Sonya Joy Crim won’t forget. Crim’s new infant twins were officially the first babies to be born at the Aberdeen Hospital in 2020.

With a scheduled C-section for the morning of January 1, the babies’ coming that day was no surprise, but she did not know that they would be not only the first of the year but the first of the decade in New Glasgow.

“I think it’s still kind of settling in,” said Crim about the new arrivals. “I’m happy, nervous and excited.”

Babies Lincoln and Lydia arrived at 9:03 and 9:04 a.m. on January 1 to a family excited to meet them.

“It was actually the security guard,” said Crim about who had first told her that they may be the New Year’s babies.

As a welcome to the newborns, The Aberdeen Hospital Auxiliary put together a basket of goodies for the babies and the Northumberland Quilt Guild donated quilts to the family.

“It was pretty exciting; we actually got a lot of really exciting gifts,” Crim smiled. “That’s pretty cool.”

Crim added that the births were a happy and new start for the family in the new year after a tough 2019 for them all.

Mom wasn’t the only one excited for the babies’ arrival; their father, Justin Holman, shared his joy over the babies and Crim’s oldest child, Izabella Crim, was overjoyed with her new siblings.

“I think it’s so cool. I can’t wait for them to come home,” the girl smiled. The sibling even had names picked out for her younger brother and sister, wanting to name them Lincoln and Leia because she is a Star Wars fan. Although Mom’s vote won out on the names, she is happy to see her little brother and sister all the same.

Izabella Crim smiles and poses with her new baby sister Lydia, left, and baby brother Lincoln, right. (Brimicombe photo)