Dozens enjoy sitting on ice


PICTOU — Hector Arena was a popular spot on December 29 during a skate sledge try-it event as dozens of youngsters took turns enjoying the sledges.

The Town of Pictou and the Municipality of Pictou County co-hosted the free skate and the opportunity to try the sledges.

Pictou Parks and Recreation co-ordinator Michelle Young and Clare Steele, the rural municipality’s active communities co-ordinator, combined their efforts to organize the events.

“It’s great,” Young said. “There was a good turnout, good interest and everyone wanted to give it a try.”

Sledges located at the Pictou County Wellness Centre for the Kinsmen sledge program available there each Sunday were brought to the Hector Arena for the try-it event.

“We’ve had a great turnout,” Steele said. “It’s good for the kids who came for the first time.”

Ronan Battist-Rhude and Dawson Rafuse were among those who tried the sledges.

“I like it,” Battist-Rhude said.

“It’s my first time and it’s fun,” Rafuse said. “It’s an interesting way to move around.”

Both Steele and Young agreed it would be worthwhile to arrange more sledging events at the Hector Arena to take advantage of the momentum building for the activity.

“I think we should do this again if the interest is there,” Steele said. “There’s a program at the Wellness Centre. We got good feedback from parents who said their kids didn’t want to try it at first and then enjoyed it. That would inspire us to have another event here.”

Young emphasized the different sized sledges for older and younger riders.

“It’s something for youth, adults and wee ones,” she said. “We’d like to do more of these.”

Ronan Battist-Rhude is all smiles aboard her sledge. (Goodwin photo)