Shareholders’ names missing from greeting


To the Editor:

Did anyone notice the full page Christmas Season greeting in the Halifax Herald? The entire background was composed of a list of the thousands of Nova Scotians who will be negatively affected if Northern Pulp shuts down. But, did anyone notice that the names of the biggest losers of all — the stockholders — are missing?

At this time of the “rolling year”, how thoughtless of Paper Excellence to not include a list of the billionaire share traders, whose Christmas spirit will surely be dampened by the December 17 announcement from Minister Gordon Wilson.

Hey, maybe our province, Nova Scotia, could take over the pulp production and run it as non-profit operations. That way all revenue will stay with us and help fund a cleaner waste handling process.

If corporations can’t be environmentally responsible, especially these days; it’s up to all of us to step in. Oh yes, and any surplus can go directly to managers and workers. So, there’d be no shareholders to be ‘accidentally’ neglected like the Herald greeting.

Shame on Paper Excellence for that! Maybe they don’t want people to think that shareowners are the real reason for the mill’s existence!

Thomas Rogers

Cape John