Chief Paul reacts to threats and Facebook posts


Chief Andrea Paul of Pictou Landing First Nations says she has been receiving lot of hateful feedback after her enraged Facebook post about Northern Pulp and calling into question the effect of lobbyists.

“… These money hungry White men would sell their children for money. Greedy F***ers,” Paul wrote on her personal Facebook page following a quote from a Halifax Examiner article which she also posted the following quote above her comment.

“How much all of this influence from insiders turned lobbyists affects government decisions — like the one the environment minister has to make on Northern Pulp’s new effluent treatment facility by December 17 — is a question that needs to be asked. And answered,” she wrote.

A screenshot of Paul’s post was shared 276 times from one poster’s page with more than 100 comments on the post. Paul later posted an apology to her political information page, “Chief Andrea’s Information Page” in relation to the post.

“I take responsibility of this post. I wrote it out of complete anger. I was pissed off because we have had a history of men in power making decisions of our lives,” Paul posted. The initial post and the apology have both since been deleted from the social media site, although the screenshots of the posts are still circulating.

In a conversation with The News, Paul shared that she has started a file with the RCMP over threats the community has received. Since the announcement by Premier Stephen McNeil that he would honour the Boat Harbour Act, Paul said members of the community have been receiving threats.

Repeated efforts to contact both Paul and the communications officer for the Band Council were unsuccessful as of press time.