Car crash at roundabout

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PICTOU – Traffic at the new roundabout in Pictou was briefly stalled after a car suffered damage as it ran up onto the curb and struck a sign as its driver lost control while attempting to leave town.

The small sedan sustained damage to its front left corner after sliding in slippery snow along the roundabout and onto the median shortly before noon.

RCMP vehicles were on the scene where it was described as a single-vehicle crash with no injuries.

Traffic first built up but and was later returned to normal as it was directed away from the crash scene.

The exit road remained closed while a tow truck arrived to remove the car.

The weather was severe at the time with frigid temperatures and high winds that caused drifting snow and occasional whiteout conditions.

There was poor traction from snow that was packed along the entries and exits at the roundabout.

The crash was among several around the province with blizzard conditions that also prompted local schools to be closed.

Sport and other events around the province were postponed or cancelled due to the weather.   

A car is loaded onto a flatbed after running up onto the curb along the new roundabout in Pictou on Friday. (Goodwin photo)