Police remind drivers they can be fined not clearing vehicle of snow

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As snow continues to fall across the province, New Glasgow Regional Police are reminding motorists to clear your vehicle from ice and snow. 

NGR Police officers on patrol Monday, after the Sunday snowstorm, noticed a vehicle with a driver who had failed to remove ice and snow from his vehicle. 

Const. Ken MacDonald said, “Ice and snow that is not cleaned from a vehicle before you travel can become a serious hazard to other pedestrians and other vehicles in terms of visibility. Also, ice and snow on a vehicle while travelling can become deadly if a piece flies off and hits another vehicle.”

The fine for not clearing off your vehicle can result in a Summary Offence Ticket for $180 under Section 184(4) of the Motor Vehicle Act: Driving motor vehicle with obstruction on window or windshield. 

New Glasgow Regional Police will be paying extra attention to motorists that haven’t cleaned snow from their vehicles as not removing snow or ice becomes dangerous. 

Officers with NGRP conducted a traffic stop with this snow covered vehicle in the early morning hours on January 20. (Submitted photo)