Local curling clubs receive donations from Pinty’s Grand Slam

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Local curling clubs saw a huge boost to their operations with a cash donation to each club.

The funds are as a result of their volunteer help at the Pinty’s Grand Slam Curling event held in November at the Pictou County Wellness Centre.

Representatives from the Westville Curling Club, Stellar Curling Club in Stellarton, New Caledonian Curling Club in Pictou, and The Bluenose Curling Club in New Glasgow gathered at the Bluenose club on Monday evening to accept the donations to their facilities.

“We won’t decide that until our board meeting,” said Heather Russell of The Bluenose as to what the club is thinking of doing with the new funds. “We have ongoing maintenance costs,” she added.

Each of the clubs received a percentage of the total donation which came out to $36,036.89. Percentages were based on how many volunteers each of the clubs contributed to the Pinty’s event; volunteers did not have to be a member of the club but could support the club of their choice by registering under the club name.

“None of us knew until recently the value,” said Dawn Fraser of the Westville Curling Club. “For our club it was great — we had a tremendous turnout.”

Fraser added that her club did not have any plans as of yet for what the funds would be used for but shared that the money would go into their reserves for now until they find a project to put it toward.

Stellar Curling Club echoed the same plans for its donation. Club representative Steve O’Connor said his group has no definite plans for the funds, but noted that it will likely help them with regular maintenance for now.

“It just puts us in a little better financial situation,” O’Connor said.

“We had a lot of ideas, we don’t want to treat these funds as our regular influx of funds,” said Joel Sellars of the New Caledonian Curling Club. The plan is for this club to use the money on a project they normally would not have the money to complete. The donation is not the only boost the club has seen from the Pinty’s event either.

“Our membership has gone up almost 40 per cent,” Sellars said.

Representatives from each of the local curling clubs received a donation Monday evening from Pinty’s Grand Slam co-chairs and the Wellness Centre for helping with the event by supplying volunteers. From left are: Steve O’Connor, Stellar Curling Club; Donalda Buckingham, event co-chair; Joel Sellars, New Caledonian Curling Club; Greg Smith, COO of the Pictou County Wellness Centre; Dawn Fraser of the Westville Curling Club; Heather Russell of The Bluenose Curling Club; and Jim Nix, event co-chair. (Brimicomebe photo)